Specialscreening: A Town And A Tall Chimney
2h 10m Drama, Historical 2019
Extraneous Matter–Complete Edition
1h 1m Comedy, Erotic 2021
Family Of Strangers
1h 57m Family Matters, Drama 2019
Festival der Schatten
1h 29m Documentary 2013
Hit Me Anyone One More Time
2h 7m Comedy, Politics 2019
I Quit, Being "Friends"
1h 24m Documentary, Family 2020
I'm Really Good
1h 1m Comedy, Politics 2020
It's A Summer Film!
1h 37m Comedy, Coming Of Age 2020
Kamata Prelude
1h 57m Drama, Romance 2020
2h 24m Family Matters, Coming Of Age 2019
Koshien: Japan's Field Of Dreams
1h 34m Documentary, Historical 2019
Me And The Cult Leader
1h 54m Documentary, Family Matters 2020
My Blood And Bones In A Flowing Galaxy
2h 6m Family Matters, Coming Of Age 2019
Nippon Shorts
1h 44m Short 2021
Nosari: Impermanent Eternity
2h 9m Drama, Family Matters 2020
ON-GAKU: Our Sound
1h 11m Music, Animation 2019
One Night
2h 3m Family Matters, Drama 2019
Our 30-Minute Sessions
1h 54m Coming Of Age, Drama 2020
Red Post On Escher Street
2h 27m Comedy, Drama 2020
Sasaki In My Mind
1h 58m Coming Of Age, Drama 2020
Sayonara TV
1h 49m Documentary, Politics 2020
Sea Of Revival
2h 4m Family Matters, Drama 2019
Seven Days War
1h 28m Animation, Comedy 2019
1h 29m Music, Nature 2021
Skip City International D-Cinema FESTIVAL: Shorts
3 Folgen Short
Special Actors
1h 49m Comedy, Family Matters 2019
Sumikkogurashi: Good To Be In The Corner (OmeU)
60m Animation, Family 2019
Sumikkogurashi: Good To Be In The Corner - Nippon KIDS
60m Animation, Family 2019
SUMODO ~The Successors Of Samurai~
1h 44m Documentary, Sports 2020
The Day Of Destruction & Wolf's Calling
4 Folgen Music, Mystery
The Promised Land
2h 9m Drama, Mystery 2019
The Stormy Family
1h 48m Family Matters, Comedy 2019
The Town Of Headcounts
1h 51m Mystery, Science Fiction 2020
The Witches Of The Orient
1h 40m Sports, History 2021
Tokyo University Of The Arts: Shorts
1h 14m Short 2021
Under The Open Sky
2h 6m Family Matters, Drama 2020
1h 27m Politics, Social Issues 2021
Voices In The Wind
2h 19m Drama, 3.11. 2020
Wonderful Paradise
1h 37m Family Matters, Comedy 2020
2h 7m Family Matters, LGTBQ 2020
yes, yes, yes
1h 15m Family Matters, Drama 2021