Meine Favoriten


How to be Likable in a Crisis
50m Comedy, Dark Humor 2021
To Heal the Heart
50m Drama, Family 2020

Nippon Cinema

What She Likes...
2h 1m Stories of Youth, LGBTQ 2021
Under The Stars
1h 50m Stories of Youth, Drama 2020
They Say Nothing Stays The Same
2h 17m Drama, Historical 2019
Talking The Pictures
2h 6m Comedy, History 2019
The Sunday Runoff
1h 45m Comedy, Politics 2021
Sensei, Would You Sit Beside Me?
1h 59m Comedy, Romance 2021
1h 36m Comedy, Drama 2022
Parasite In Love
1h 40m Stories of Youth, Drama 2021
My Brother, The Android And Me
1h 34m Horror, Mystery 2020
The Mole Song: Final
2h 9m Action, Comedy 2021
A Madder Red
2h 24m Drama, Social Issues 2021
The End Of The Pale Hour
1h 56m Stories Of Youth, Drama 2021
Any Crybabies Around?
1h 48m Comedy, Drama 2020

Nippon Animation

Tokyo University of the Arts: Shorts
1h 35m Animation, Shorts 2022
Dozens Of Norths
2 Folgen Animation

Nippon Visions

Song Of A Dying Summer
2 Folgen Stories of Youth, Coming of Age
Ring Wandering
1h 43m Fantasy, Romance 2021
One Day, You Will Reach The Sea
2h 6m Stories of Youth, Drama 2022
Ninja Girl
1h 28m Action, Comedy 2021
Mr. Suzuki -A Man In God’s Country-
1h 30m Politics, Science Fiction 2020
Melting Sounds
2 Folgen Music, Comedy
Let Me Hear It Barefoot
2h 7m Stories Of Youth, LGBTQ+ 2021
JVTA Meets PIA Film Festival: Shorts
2 Folgen Short
Just The Two Of Us
1h 44m Drama, Romance 2020
1h 4m Stories of Youth, Drama 2021

Nippon Docs

1h 39m Documentary, Politics 2021
Satoshi KON, The Illusionist
1h 22m Animation, Documentary 2021
1h 20m Documentary, Social Issues 2021
Paper City
1h 20m Documentary, Social Issues 2021
50m Stories of Youth, Documentary 2022
I Go Gaga: Welcome Home, Mom.
1h 41m Documentary, Drama 2022
Double Layered Town / Making A Song To Replace Our Positions
1h 19m Documentary, Social Issues 2019